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One of the never-stop tasks of KIPOR is to produce the generators with high quality and to be environmental-friendly. Today, KIPOR has developed the digital generators, which are considered as smart, reliable and high quality of the electricity output. Once launched, digital generators have been applied for the patents both in the appearance and construction. KIPOR digital generators have the excellent performance displayed as:

Building Silent and High-quality Generators to Enhance Your Lifestyle.
The KIPOR Digital Sinemaster generator set series offer unsurpassed technology, quality and consumer benefits in the industry.
Lightweight Portable Generator Power
The alternator is connected directly to the engine, eliminating the flywheel as in traditional sets. This design results in a 50% reduction in weight and overall dimensions. Electric power is made available to a wide range of applications.
Unique Construction Utilizing The Latest Technology
Patented cooling air intake design, smart throttle power management, sound attenuation construction and inverter style output all combine to produce state-of-the-art portable electric power



Kipor always develops the products in view of the customers considerations. To bring the users more ease of mind, Kipor equips the new control panel as well as new automatic transfer switch to general-purpose generator sets. The new series of generator sets feature the following prominent benefits:


The new generation of digital control panel is applied.

The new digital panel can be applied to dual voltage, single-phase and three-phase generator sets, whereas the first generation is only applicable to single phase generator sets.


Compared with the traditional AC generator with power switch, KIPOR’s digital DC generator are capable of reducing fuel consumption by 20%-25%. (See the testing cases)
Large Current, Compact Size and Light Weight
Compared with AC generator of same power with DC output through switch power supply,current will be larger by 52%.
Convenient Paralleling Function 
The DC generators can be paralleled together with two or more, without limitation on model or quantity. The paralleling function may select the sets of responding power and the quantity according to the load condition.
Management of Smart Accumulator 
Adaptable to quick charge. Prolong the service life of accumulator. Charging process may be three steps: constant flow, equalized charge and floating charge. The charging process complies with technical standards of YD/T 799-2000 ”Technical Requirements And Test Methods of VRLA Battery for Telecommunication”.
Soft start of Power Output
Soft start:Current slowly rises after start to avoid the impact to communication loads and batteries. The max current can be steplessly and widely adjusted, which is applicable to the battery charging and load power supply for various base stations.
High Degree of Automation
RS232/RS485 communication port can provide with open communication protocol, incorporate with the power environmental centralized monitoring network and realize the remote control. When utility power is cut off, firstly accumulators supply power for loads; generator will start automatically to supply power for loads and charge the accumulators simultaneously as soon as the voltage of accumulators go down below the rated value. After the utility power restoration and full charge of accumulators, the generator will stop automatically. Thus it can replace the traditional AST cabinet and reduce the running cost of communication operators.
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